The Remarkable Story Of Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire.


Echoes of the Past


Welcome to Tattershall Castle which we visited on Saturday, and as the guide book mentions you are now looking at the finest medieval brick built castle in England.  Built in 1434 by Ralph Lord Cromwell, who was Treasurer to Henry VI.  The first castle on the site was built in 1231 by the 2nd Robert de Tateshale who had a licence to build a stone fortified house or castle at Tattershall.  In 1434 to 1446 Sir Ralph rebuilt the castle in brick and enlarging the buildings with a keep, stable, gatehouse and kitchens.  When Sir Ralph died, having no direct heir, the castle passed through many royal hands and in 1693 the Earls of Lincoln were the last people to live in the castle.


Now it gets interesting……..from 1694 to 1910 the castle was abandoned, left to become derelict and ruinous.  It became the ‘Romantic Ruin’ and visited by many…

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