Neptune Towers, Kingsgate’s Bay, Kent.


Echoes of the Past


Quite a few years ago we lived in Kent, and I have seen this view many times, but this was the first time I noticed the ruins on the cliff, when we were visiting family on Easter Sunday.  I can only guess that the white cliffs take your full attention, or it could be just me, not seeing what’s under my nose.  The bay is called Kingsgate and is just outside of the seaside resort of Margate in Kent.

DSC_0546 2

At first I thought it was the remains of a fort or castle, but it’s a folly…….. Neptune Towers stands on the cliffs at Kingsgate, next to a golf course, the folly was built at around the same time as Kingsgate Castle, by Lord Holland in 1760, which is just a little further along the cliffs.  It was constructed in the shape of a typical Henrican castle but on a much…

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