Re-Ment Petit sample Matcha Sweets Freen Tea Dessert Shop Full Box 8pc

Japan’s well-known box to play brand RE-MENT company will be in its Petit Sample series (プ チ サ ン プ シ リ ー ズ) launched the latest “delicious green tea dessert” (Matcha づ く し) of food. To maintain the ultra-high standards of the past box to play works, the launch of the eight works regardless of shape or painting are very meticulous performance, although the toy works itself is very small, but it looks super realistic ah!

The Maccha Rollcake, Maccha Set, Ujikintoki, Maccha Rolls, and Maccha Rolls are all available in a series of eight flavors: Maccha Softfood, Maccha Anmitsu, Maccha Dango, Maccha Manjuu and Maccha Zenzai. Each style makes people feel good to eat good evil ah!

If you are interested in this set, come to get one now!.



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